You take my breath away...

I'm in Shreveport, Louisiana. I arrived late this afternoon after an uneventful flight out of Detroit (there was that little bit where we ran into a huge snowstorm and had to climb 4,000 feet to get over it and the turbulence it caused) but for all intents and purposes it was a fine flight. I had a seat to myself, unusual at this time of year, and nice not to be so crowded.

Once landed, I headed out toward the luggage claim and ran smack into Kate waiting at the intersection of the two possible directions I could have come from. I sort of sneaked up on her and gave her a kiss on her neck, and when she turned around...oh, my. He took my breath clean away. My Daniel is 6.5 months old and he's quite a person! I whispered into his ear the thing I always say to him when we 'talk' on the phone, "Daniel, Nana loves you so much!" He heard my voice and broke out in a huge smile. I am smitten. I don't know if he actually remembers me by my voice, but he's let me hold him and snuggle and play and cuddle. Kate and Mike are doing a spectacular job loving and rearing this little man. There may be pictures if I can get him to hold still for a moment.

I closed my shops for 'vacation'. I was interested to see that you can do that. How long has Etsy had that feature? I'm obviously not paying attention.

So I expect to he here until the 3rd of December. With any luck, I'll be posting occasionally while I'm here. Thanks for stopping by!

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Lovs2Knit said...

Have a great time! Enjoy all the Daniel time you can get. :)