It's still Thanksgiving here...

...so I can still wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.

We are such a blessed nation, despite the falterings of recent days. We are still free to live where we want, believe what we want, eat what we want, say what we want, worship who or what we want (or not,) live our lives free from most oppression. How can we not be thankful?

Although I had to leave some beloved family at home (I'll be home soon, guys!) I've gotten to hug my daughter and son-in-law and play and hug and roll around with and really get to know my grandson. He was fresh out of the wrapper when I left this past May. It's hard to conjure up the memory of that itty bitty newbie now. He's getting so competent and can do so much. I've been here for 4 days and I've seen him change and grow and learn new things in just that short time.

It's amazing to me that I have this little boy in my life. See, I'm so freakin' ADHD that in my head I'm still about 19. Only my children have been the mirror of my aging...and when they're not around, I'm still 19 (except for my knees.) But then comes this baby, a most remarkable amalgam of his parents, looking so much like his daddy yet so much in temperment like his mama...and suddenly I'm not 19 any more. I'm Nana!

And I love it. For Daniel I will be not-19. I will play and sing and clap and rock and love and...I'm off track and it's almost midnight here in the Central Time Zone. So what I came in here for was to blog about being thankful. I'm pretty thankful for each one of you who reads this too, y'know. I've gotten to know some wonderful people via knitblogging.

Happy Thanksgiving.


You take my breath away...

I'm in Shreveport, Louisiana. I arrived late this afternoon after an uneventful flight out of Detroit (there was that little bit where we ran into a huge snowstorm and had to climb 4,000 feet to get over it and the turbulence it caused) but for all intents and purposes it was a fine flight. I had a seat to myself, unusual at this time of year, and nice not to be so crowded.

Once landed, I headed out toward the luggage claim and ran smack into Kate waiting at the intersection of the two possible directions I could have come from. I sort of sneaked up on her and gave her a kiss on her neck, and when she turned around...oh, my. He took my breath clean away. My Daniel is 6.5 months old and he's quite a person! I whispered into his ear the thing I always say to him when we 'talk' on the phone, "Daniel, Nana loves you so much!" He heard my voice and broke out in a huge smile. I am smitten. I don't know if he actually remembers me by my voice, but he's let me hold him and snuggle and play and cuddle. Kate and Mike are doing a spectacular job loving and rearing this little man. There may be pictures if I can get him to hold still for a moment.

I closed my shops for 'vacation'. I was interested to see that you can do that. How long has Etsy had that feature? I'm obviously not paying attention.

So I expect to he here until the 3rd of December. With any luck, I'll be posting occasionally while I'm here. Thanks for stopping by!