It's gone.

Finally. Turned on the laptop this morning and my 'To Knit, Perchance To Dream...' homepage was gone. Gave me an error message. In my email was the official notification that I'd canceled the account. Okay, guys. Now where's the money y'all took out of my Paypal account? Just waiting for it to be refunded.

So here..you're stuck with me in this little hole-in-the-internet blog. I suppose it's more fitting than that big, tricked out blog I had, where I often had nothing to say. It makes more sense to downsize if you're not planning on posting regularly.

Still, even though I knew it was just a matter of a day or two before it disappeared, it took me by surprise.

I suppose I ought to start decorating in here, put up some curtains and whatnot. I thing I'm going to put a Bloglines button in here somewhere, and a stat counter. I'm going to look at all the widgets that Bloglines now offers (where was this stuff 3 years ago?) And I might even post more frequently, now that it's not the major undertaking it used to be.

***Go see my sale. I'm officially heading to Louisiana to visit Katy and Mike and Danny and I sure could use to get rid of all this yarn and roving. I realize that they won't let you pay for airline tickets with skeins of sock yarn, so I need to exchange them with y'all for the money that most retail outfits require. There's some nice stuff, and more on the way (I'll get to it when I get back from my meeting in Gaylord) and I'd love to be sending it to your house.

Perchance To Knit...
Perchance To Spin...


I'm off to see the baby...

Well, both babies, actually. My baby and her baby. I leave on November 22 and will be back on December 3rd. Yay! I simply cannot wait to squeeze those cheeks. Daniel and I will do our very best to let his mommy and daddy have a little time alone, a little time to go to dinner and a movie, perhaps. And then, the day after I leave, Nick (Katy's brother) arrives for a week's stay, being the babysitter for them while they go to a big, fancy Air Force Christmas party. This baby's gonna get a whole whack of family!

In order to afford to do this, I'm going to take all this new hand dyed yarn that's just sitting in big bins, get it posted into my Etsy shops and then I'm gonna put all of it on sale. I need money for my trip! You need yarn and roving for Christmas knitting and spinning and just for the love of it...it will work out so well!

And then I'll finish reskeining all the yarn for the Loopy Ewe order. Can I get this all done by next Wednesday? This remains to be seen.
Yay! Baby!


This is gonna take some time...

I remember when I shut down my Blogger blog. At the time I did, it was something beautiful. Totally customized and with everything I needed and wanted. As I made the transition to my own domain, I closed things down. Took down the custom banner (which I put up over at the other blog), deleted my links and Bloglines feed, folded my tents and left.

I'm wondering if I really need to make this the kind of showplace that I had at my other blog. I mean, really, you come here to see and hear what's going on with me, right? I'm no pundit, and I really don't have any worldly wisdom or commentary, but I've got yarn and roving and a baby grandson, and what more could one ask for?

So I think I'm not gonna doll this up too much. I have better uses of my time, like reskeining the huge order that should have been at The Loopy Ewe this week. And dyeing the 30 pounds of roving that's nagging at me. And proofing my new tags and business cards. And spinning. And knitting.

I've copied all the links and will move them over as I have time...those are for my benefit mostly, so I don't have to go looking them up every time I want to get to someone's shop or blog. And there may be an Etsy mini...not sure yet.

Thank you for coming by. Once everything's in place, there will be a contest...a new blog needs a good contest...and there will be yarn and roving and appreciation involved.

It looks a little different in here...

I've had my blog hosted by a company called PowWeb/Tucows for almost four years. At the time I checked into purchasing my own domain and having a blog host, I had a blog here on Blogger, and knew nothing about stuff like Typepad and others. It took me weeks to figure out what I was doing. I had to have someplace to host my pictures, so I purchased Photobucket and Flickr accounts. I needed some way of resizing and color correcting my photos, so I had to buy a program for that. And the hosting cost me over $100/year.

I had to download WordPress which was the format inside which I would blog. Passwords and stuff to learn and information to save...There was so much involved. ftps, MySQL, learning html so I could change things around and make it look like I wanted it to.

But tonight I'd had enough. I went to my Paypal account to print an address label and found that they'd taken $105.24 plus $8.99 for the next 12 months plus 'privacy' for my domain name. My mistake. I left the information in there under my account info.

So I called. And waited. And waited. And finally, while I was at over 25 minutes, I noticed a little button that said 'live support chat'. Clicked that button and got the account canceled. In fact, before I click the button to post this, my old blog will likely be gone completely. But it'll take 7-10 days to refund my money. It's like that, right?

Then I panicked. What about all those years of posts? All that information? Lost? Forever? So I logged back in, having finally located the proper password and login name, and clicked on that 'live chat' thing again and waited. And waited. Until finally a 'guy' (?) named Sergio came on and I suspect that he wished he'd not come to work tonight. I made him crazy. I wanted to know how to back up all the information so that I didn't completely lose my blog. He kept trying to tell me, but it all sounded like Klingon or something to me.

I managed to do what he told me. Finally. I'm hoping (haven't checked yet) that the data from my blog now resides somewhere in the gigs of hard drive space on my laptop. We shall see.

Meantime, welcome to my new, possibly temporary, home. It's good to be here.