This is gonna take some time...

I remember when I shut down my Blogger blog. At the time I did, it was something beautiful. Totally customized and with everything I needed and wanted. As I made the transition to my own domain, I closed things down. Took down the custom banner (which I put up over at the other blog), deleted my links and Bloglines feed, folded my tents and left.

I'm wondering if I really need to make this the kind of showplace that I had at my other blog. I mean, really, you come here to see and hear what's going on with me, right? I'm no pundit, and I really don't have any worldly wisdom or commentary, but I've got yarn and roving and a baby grandson, and what more could one ask for?

So I think I'm not gonna doll this up too much. I have better uses of my time, like reskeining the huge order that should have been at The Loopy Ewe this week. And dyeing the 30 pounds of roving that's nagging at me. And proofing my new tags and business cards. And spinning. And knitting.

I've copied all the links and will move them over as I have time...those are for my benefit mostly, so I don't have to go looking them up every time I want to get to someone's shop or blog. And there may be an Etsy mini...not sure yet.

Thank you for coming by. Once everything's in place, there will be a contest...a new blog needs a good contest...and there will be yarn and roving and appreciation involved.

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Woven ~N~ Spun said...

mmmm roving....me can't wait :) And who needs a dolled up blog as long as we've got you. I sure have missed your regular blogging.