I'm off to see the baby...

Well, both babies, actually. My baby and her baby. I leave on November 22 and will be back on December 3rd. Yay! I simply cannot wait to squeeze those cheeks. Daniel and I will do our very best to let his mommy and daddy have a little time alone, a little time to go to dinner and a movie, perhaps. And then, the day after I leave, Nick (Katy's brother) arrives for a week's stay, being the babysitter for them while they go to a big, fancy Air Force Christmas party. This baby's gonna get a whole whack of family!

In order to afford to do this, I'm going to take all this new hand dyed yarn that's just sitting in big bins, get it posted into my Etsy shops and then I'm gonna put all of it on sale. I need money for my trip! You need yarn and roving for Christmas knitting and spinning and just for the love of it...it will work out so well!

And then I'll finish reskeining all the yarn for the Loopy Ewe order. Can I get this all done by next Wednesday? This remains to be seen.
Yay! Baby!

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