Baby, baby, where did the time go?

While I was busy playing with Daniel the days just slipped away and now I'm leaving for home in the morning. I have a camera full of pictures and short videos and a heart full of love and delight from being with my baby and her baby and husband.

Curiously, I'll get into Detroit Metro tomorrow afternoon, weather permitting, and the next day I'll return to Metro (before starting the 225 mile drive home) to put my *other* baby on a plane to come down here for a week to see his sister and nephew and brother in law.

My time here seems to have been much too short.

How many of you have close family that you live far from? How do you do it? We talk on the phone almost daily, and several times a week I get to see Kate and Danny via videocam, but it's totally not like the real thing. I do suppose it's better than in the days where it took months for a simple letter to travel great distances to bring news and love, but it's hard to hug over the phone. :::sigh::: I'm hoping for the kids to come to Michigan when it thaws some time next July.

Dh (Scott) has been keeping me apprised of the weather conditions in northern Michigan. It appears that we have set many new weather records. He says that there's about 18" in the driveway, and the place where we always pile the snow from the walk is over six feet high. How do we account for this? Is the weather freaky in your neck of the woods?

I do have a picture of the boy and an FO all in one. When I was down here in Louisiana in May I brought my wheel. While Kate was recovering from childbirth and learning how to be a new mommy, I spun some soft-as-clouds blue Cormo. The Navajo-plied yarn marinated in my stash for several months until I decided to make a roll-brim hat for Daniel. It's adorable and it fits. And it turns out that they actually have weather here in Shreveport. The leaves turn and fall off, it gets down into the 20s at night, and a jacket, mittens and hat are necessities here! Woot! I can totally knit for these people!

Is he not beautiful? We took a Sunday afternoon drive to Texas (???) to the Caldwell Family Zoo. It's a natural habitat zoo that houses a wide variety of animals in different habitats. We had fun, but the breeze was killer. So glad I finished the hat.

But wait...it fits. Right now. And he's growing SO fast and it'll not be spring for a while. What to do?

I took the rest of the yarn and started another hat with a ribbed brim and on a much smaller needle with many more stitches. Naturally, I didn't have enough yarn. My thought was to knit from the small hat to the larger, but it turns out that a) his mommy *likes* this hat and b) he actually needs the hat.

Considering this dilemma, we took a ride today to a new yarn shop here in Shreveport. Called Knitting Under the Influence of Nancy... That's not actually a link to her shop, but to a site that shows you where the shop is. As far as I can tell she may be technologically challenged and blogless. Nevertheless, she's got a sweet little shop in a pricey area, with lots and lots of highend traffic. I bought some yarn that I think I may add to the hat to stretch the Cormo. Oh...and a few other huge skeins followed me home as well.

I'm off to sleep because I have to be at the airport early tomorrow. Send good thoughts and prayers for safe travel if you will, for both of us (me and Nick) traveling by air and car over the next few days.

Lots to catch up on when I get home, especially with my honey. And the dog. :-) Ciao!

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