It's gone.

Finally. Turned on the laptop this morning and my 'To Knit, Perchance To Dream...' homepage was gone. Gave me an error message. In my email was the official notification that I'd canceled the account. Okay, guys. Now where's the money y'all took out of my Paypal account? Just waiting for it to be refunded.

So here..you're stuck with me in this little hole-in-the-internet blog. I suppose it's more fitting than that big, tricked out blog I had, where I often had nothing to say. It makes more sense to downsize if you're not planning on posting regularly.

Still, even though I knew it was just a matter of a day or two before it disappeared, it took me by surprise.

I suppose I ought to start decorating in here, put up some curtains and whatnot. I thing I'm going to put a Bloglines button in here somewhere, and a stat counter. I'm going to look at all the widgets that Bloglines now offers (where was this stuff 3 years ago?) And I might even post more frequently, now that it's not the major undertaking it used to be.

***Go see my sale. I'm officially heading to Louisiana to visit Katy and Mike and Danny and I sure could use to get rid of all this yarn and roving. I realize that they won't let you pay for airline tickets with skeins of sock yarn, so I need to exchange them with y'all for the money that most retail outfits require. There's some nice stuff, and more on the way (I'll get to it when I get back from my meeting in Gaylord) and I'd love to be sending it to your house.

Perchance To Knit...
Perchance To Spin...


Sheepish Annie said...

Hah! I found ya!! I was off the radar for just the smallest bit of time and the old site went away. I remembered your new url, though. So I'm all set!

Off to go update bloglines!

Anne Kaelber said...

I'm stalking your stores (plural!) and waiting....where's this supposed influx of yarns----a girl has needs ya know!!! ;)


ikkinlala said...

I'm glad I found your new blog - the old one hadn't been loading properly for me very often.